20-02-2016 Hermes Designs

Google’s Resizer shows how your site looks on different screen sizes

Earlier today one of our designers, Masood Mohammad shared a news on our official messaging group. It’s about a new tool titled Resizer introduced by Google. It mainly focuses on developers who work with material design to show real time rendering of their websites/apps on different screen sizes.

Although Resizer is primarily meant for Google’s material design language, you can actually test any site with this tool. Just visit paste your website URL into the box found on the upper-mid side of the page. It will render the target site on three virtual device screens- desktop, tablet and mobile. Then you can choose a single device from the upper right corner.


There are a few preloaded URLs to show some best practices- Google Design, Material Design, Android, Pesto and Shrine. Just click the address input box in the top middle of the site and these saved URL list will appear.

While testing a site on a certain device environment, say on a desktop, you can change the screen resolution to check in depth. There is a ribbon under the top bar where you will get many resolution options to choose from.

If your site uses a responsive theme (or template), the Resizer tool will show it as if the site was being visited from the respective screens.

But here is a catch. The tool, so far doesn’t take into consideration if you use a different template for a mobile device. For example, many publishers use a completely separate template for mobile devices. A server side plugin at first detects the client device and then the appropriate site layout is sent to the device. If it is a desktop computer, the plugin sends the desktop version to the user. Similarly, if the plugin detects that the user is on a mobile device, it simply sends the mobile design to the browser. But I noticed, the Resizer tool just resizes a site for different screen sizes, rather than going deeper. Probably Google wanted to focus on a single template at a time, rather than on the site’s perspective. However, those who are using a single template for their sites, will definitely benefit from the new tool.